The Palms Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach

We can’t afford to go on regular vacations. Instead, we go on mini-adventures for one night somewhere in Miami that is totally different from where we live. This time we choose The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach.

the palms lobby

Entering the hotel was like stepping into another world, a colorful-tropical-paradise that felt like if we actually took a plane to get there.



The room was spacious and elegant with a magnificent view of the pool, the grounds and the beach. There was no time to spend in the room though. It was exploration time.

the room


room with a view

happy sisters

Walking around the hotel was refreshing and relaxing. It was nice to be on the beach taking pictures and inhaling the scent of the ocean. We felt happy.

the palms 2

the pool

clowns at the palms



outside 2

outside 3


future photog





chill on the rocks

photo shoot

taking photos



exercising on the beach

on the beach

reading on the beach


walking towards the rocks

issayazz at the palms


The next day was reserved for sampling the culinary delights offered at Essensia Restaurant & Lounge. First breakfast, then lunch after another walk on the beach.


omelet station for brekkie

omelet station for brekkie 2

yazzy brekkie

We were on a little vacation so why not share a lobster tail for lunch? It was served with grilled vegetables and of course I had to eat fast before Miss I. gobbled it up.

lobster tail with grilled veggies

lobster tail

 The Fish & Chips were crunchy-fresh – seasonal fish, beer battered, served with herb potatoes and slaw and a side of rémoulade.

fish & mashed potatoes

The Palms Burger was another success, simply disappearing after taking a picture of it.

palms burger

palms burger 2

For dessert, Vacation in A Jar. This has to be one of the most unusual and delicious desserts we ever tasted – coconut panna cotta, fresh papaya, mango sauce, and passion fruit topped with micro-greens.

vacation in a jar 1

vacation in a jar 2


Essensia offers seasonal dishes so the menu changes. Everything we tasted here was exceptional. Chef Julie Frans makes sure the ingredients that go into each dish are top-quality.

bistro steak

chef frans

chef's garden


laughing bird shrimp



choco lollies

I love the way The Palms Hotel & Spa describe themselves:

” Let us welcome you with genuine service and laid-back sophistication at our serene oceanfront resort, set in the heart of Miami Beach. Soul-reviving AVEDA spa experiences, natural gourmet cuisine at Essensia and newly renovated rooms, all inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding our sanctuary. Discover Miami Beach’s award-winning independent beach resort.”

aerial view


We did not want to leave but it was time to get back to real life.

don't want to leave!

The Palms Hotel & Spa

3025 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33140

(305) 534-0505

*Aerial view of the hotel and first lobby photo credit  by The Palms Hotel & Spa

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