Robert Is Here® Fruit Stand

I have been here many times and it is a great place to visit. Below is a little history about how this fruit stand came about and evolved into what it is today – excerpt from their website. My pictures tell the story of our experience there.

daddy at robert is here


haden mangoes


green peppers

So you’re thinking “who’s Robert, and is he really here”? Well, Robert is the founder and owner of Robert Is Here® Fruit Stand and yes, he is here almost all the time! Although Robert began the business on his own, it has always been a family business. In the beginning, Robert’s family would help him set up the stand and he would be in charge of buying, selling, and decision-making. Later in life, his mom and sister would stay by his side, helping out whenever they could. In fact, Robert’s mom, Mary, actually created the recipes for many of the jarred items that are found in the store today. As the little road-side fruit stand grew, so did Robert’s family. He met and married his wife, Tracey, in 1981 and they had their first son, Brandon, in 1982. In 1984 their first daughter, Victoria, was born, followed by their second son, Robert, in 1985, and their final baby, Savannah, in 1989.




Robert is Here

                Since then, the family has survived several hardships, including the Christmas freeze in 1989 and Hurricane Andrew in 1992, but has maintained a surprisingly positive attitude. Now each of Robert and Tracey’s kids have grown up, gone to college, and chosen to come back and help run the family fruit stand and farms. They incorporate a more modern take on business into the traditional ways that Robert has maintained throughout the years.

fresh boiled peanuts sign


eating fruit shake

daddy shopping


monkey bank


                The Robert Is Here® family is always eager to provide customers with information about the new fruits they are seeing and trying, and new information on fruits they thought they already knew. While many of our customers are tourists who are visiting the National Parks, quite a few are from local communities that have grown up knowing Robert and his family. Everybody is welcomed into the store and treated as family no matter where they come from. It is this unique dynamic that makes Robert Is Here® a great place to visit.

robert says


on the farm

wayward chicken

pure raw honey


water pumping

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