Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook – Food for Humans

So many of us are preoccupied with eating the right things in order to be healthy and thin. There are so many diets and lifestyle approaches to achieve this that it can get quite difficult to determine what is best for you.

nom nom paleo

I have tried food combining, Atkins, the South Beach Diet, a cereal diet, a grapefruit diet, all to no avail. Keep in mind that I do not stick to them for long and get fed up with all the restrictions.

Then I stumbled on Paleo and the concept seemed interesting and the food options abundant. Of course I had to embark on an odyssey to find the perfect cookbook and I think that I hit the jackpot with Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook. Written by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, the book is informative, entertaining, user-friendly and a joy to behold. The illustrations are brilliant, a great idea to keep you engaged and wanting to learn more.


The Paleo Diet is based on the notion that for optimal health, humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. It includes all manner of proteins and for a dinosaur like me; this is probably the most viable template for my food choices

Take a look at her website which is full of great ideas and recipes.

I got the eBook, which I have been poring over religiously for the last week. I have already started cleaning my pantry. All I need to do now is get off my ass and move: such a challenge for me, the Queen of The Sedentary Life.

* All photos from The Nom Nom Paleo website

5 thoughts on “Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook – Food for Humans

  1. I’m just about to wrap up my first Whole 30 (an eating plan that is 30 days of “paleo on crack” as I like to call it) and I’ve spent a LOT of time on the Nom Nom Paleo website. Michelle’s recipes are so great. Hope you’ll post about some of your favorites once you start cooking!


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