Brunch At Lulu In The Grove With My Baby Chicken

Lulu’s is a funky restaurant located in Coconut Grove. I have been wanting to go there for months but every time we planned to stop by, something happened. On New Year’s Eve I made the resolution to eat there, no matter what. This had to get done in 2015. 

Each time I drove by Lulu it was always full of people. What was so exceptional about this place? 

I was with Chicken # 2 this time – just the two of us. We could keep our little feast simple and be in and out in a jiffy. It did not quite turn out that way as there was a 30-minute wait and it was hot outside. What kind of December was this, 80 degrees in the shade with hardly any breeze? It better be worth it, I thought.

The little one had to order something sweet as usual. This time it was the Oreo Waffles. I took a bite and it was actually quite nice. Sweet indeed but really well balanced, very truly scrumptious.

Asian Steal Salad, Oreo Waffles, Brussels Sprouts , Roasted Dates.
Asian Steak Salad, Oreo Waffles, Brussels Sprouts , Roasted Dates.

Then we had the Roasted Dates. This was one of those dishes that leave you craving for more – a sweet and savory delight that left our taste buds spinning. The dates were wrapped in bacon and stuffed with a mixture of Manchego cheese and sausage. These tasty morsels were served upon a dried fruit mustard sauce, which was sweet and piquant. We loved every bite.

Roasted Dates
Roasted Dates

It is unusual to go to a restaurant and order Brussels sprouts, they are typically not very popular. The description on the menu was intriguing and sounded so interesting that we asked for the Brussels Sprouts with Mandarins and Sweet Soy. They were the best ever, so delicious that the little one said that they tasted like popcorn. She was delirious over them. The mandarin added a gentle touch of citrus and the sweet soy dressing enhanced this well thought-out combination of flavors.

Brussels Sprouts with Mandarins and Sweet Soy.
Brussels Sprouts with Mandarins and Sweet Soy.

The Asian Steak Salad was stellarmade with noodles, avocados, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, mangoes and a spicy Thai dressing. The steak was barely cooked – juicy, tender and red. The crunch of the peanuts and the heat of the Thai dressing made our tongues feel alive.

Asian Steak Salad
Asian Steak Salad

We loved all the dishes we tried at Lulu in The Grove and will be back to try more delicacies from their extensive menu.

Baby Chicken
Baby Chicken




Was it worth the 30-minute wait? Absolutely.


3105 Commodore Plaza

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

305-447- 5858

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