Sea Siam Connection – Thai, Japanese And Vietnamese Cuisine

I was in an exceptionally foul mood and decided to run away from the world and have a solitary lunch, to get my thoughts together and calm down the nerves. My intention was to leave the chickens sleeping with the dog and sip green tea while feasting on Bun Cha Gio. Well, it did not turn out that way.

Sea Siam

Sea Siam Connection is a restaurant that serves Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese food. I thought it was the ideal location for a solo lunch. I have never been there before, but my brother has, and often brings food for me. I knew it was good.

As I was about to make my private escape, my hand already on the doorknob, I heard the little one say, “Where are you going, Mommy?” There goes my lunch date with myself, I thought. It was three of us instead of one, not what I had planned at all.

sushi chef

We started with the California Roll – crab stick (kani), avocado, cucumber, smelt roe and sesame seed. The little one ordered this dish, quite surprising, as her standard fare is usually chicken nuggets and fries. She finally decided to expand her palate and was not too happy when I told her that she had to share with her sister.

California Roll
California Roll

Next, we tried a dumpling we had never had before, Kanom Jeeb – steamed homemade pork and crabmeat dumplings served with a scrumptiously sweet house sauce. It was positively different, the taste of the sauce being a little foreign to us, I think because of the addition of vinegar. Khanom Jeeb is a Thai version of a classic Chinese dim sum dish, and it was delicious.

Kanom Jeeb
Kanom Jeeb

Don’t ask me what was in The Queen Of The Sea. We were not able to figure out what was in it: all we know is that it tasted amazing. Instead of nori, they used a pinkish soy paper. The sushi roll was topped with a creamy concoction made with seafood; a mysterious delicacy.

Queen Of The Sea
Queen Of The Sea
Eating Queen Of The Sea
Eating Queen Of The Sea

Ban Cha Gio was something I wanted to try for a long time. It’s a noodle dish with Vietnamese spring rolls, herbs, bean sprouts served with nuoc cham sauce. I was expecting hot noodles; instead, the noodles were at room temperature while the spring rolls were piping hot. What a refreshing and unusual combination of ingredients and textures.

Bun Cha Gio

Bun Cha Gio

I started this narrative by saying that I was in a foul mood. Why? My chickens are growing up and getting independent and rebellious and doing bizarre things that I am just not used to. I thought that I needed peace, some time away from them. What I really needed was their company, time spent laughing and learning new things.

my chicken


Sea Siam Connection was the perfect place to spend a pleasant time. The service was friendly, the staff very indulgent with my penchant for taking pictures of everything.

I will be back – so many items on the menu left to try!

good service


Sea Siam Connection

13440 SW 120th St, Miami, FL 33186

(305) 969-4588

*Website is not included, as it is not updated*

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