Simple Korean BBQ Ribs

This dish is simple and delicious. I got the inspiration from Seonkyoung Longest . She used baby back ribs for her recipe, and I used short ribs. Because short ribs are not as thick, I did not boil them first. I also charred the green onions on the grill, instead of using it raw as a garnish.

ribs for posting

These ribs are so yummy and easy to make that there is not much point talking too much about. The Sempio Kalbi Marinade Sauce is so delicious that upon opening, the deep whiff of garlic was hypnotising, almost fell in a garlic coma. You can use any other Korean BBQ Sauce.


The resulting ribs were incredibly delicious – sucking on the bones was a bonus. The most beautiful part of these ribs is how easy they are to prepare.


Watch the video and start salivating.





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