Shokudo By World Resources Café in Miami

I had a mad desire to taste and take a pretty picture of a bowl of ramen in Miami. I have not been to Shokudo in over three years and saw that they had Shiroshoyu Ramen on the menu, so the decision to re-visit this restaurant was inevitable.

We had to have some appetizers first, so we started with some glorious dumplings, always satisfying with an implicit guarantee of deliciousness.

The Pork and Shrimp Sui Mai were plump and chunky, exploding with flavor and personality, appetizing and so good-looking.

Pork and Shrimp Sui Mai

Then we had Momos, curried potato momos to be exact. I never had momos before, and the only ones on the menu were vegetarian. Looking at YouTube videos made me curious to taste them, and these dumplings were so superb. Another dumpling to add to the collection of favorites. They were floating in an orange sauce that was mouthwatering, but my bad, I don’t know what the sauce was and forgot to ask.

Curry Potato Momo

The little one had to order Calamari, one of her usual favorites. It was good, and the Sriracha Rémoulade sauce was an excellent accompaniment for the otherwise commonplace fried calamari. I liked the presentation, the calamari cuddling in large strips of newspapers. Genius!

Calamari, with Sriracha Rémoulade

The Sugarcane Chicken was a new item on the menu. These little sticks of well-seasoned minced chicken were very enticing. Nice addition to the selection of dishes offered; loved the micro-greens nested in the center of the plate.

Sugarcane Chicken

The Orange Chicken was very orange indeed. The chicken was sitting in a swirl of thin strips of carrots. It was slightly glazed with a not-too-sweet orange sauce and drizzled with black and white sesame seeds. A large chili pepper sat atop, waiting for the fearless eater to sink their teeth into it.

Orange Chicken

The ramen, the Shiroshoyu Ramen to be precise, was what I was really here for. It was a wondrous bowl of ramen, such a dream to behold. The chashu pork, bamboo shoots, hard-boiled egg, burdock, “nori” seaweed,  and fish cake were floating in a konbu broth, perfectly presented with a mass of thinly sliced scallions. The ramen was shyly peeking thru the broth, barely visible, almost flirting with the anticipation of being eaten.

I was not disappointed with the flavors and textures of this generous bowl of goodness. I must say that I have never had authentic ramen before – only the ones from the package – so I  do not have a benchmark to compare this dish to.

Shiroshoyu Ramen

I did not taste the Crab Fried Rice, but Miss G. said that is was very flavorsome.

Crab Fried Rice

The dessert had to be no other than the Thai Donuts; this one served with condensed milk topped with crushed peanuts. These little darling donuts were so cute – tiny balls of dough covered in sugar, perfect for popping in the mouth in one go.

Thai Donuts

Shokudo is an Asian Bistro Restaurant that specializes in offering  “a broad range of comfort food favorites from across the Orient.” It is a relaxed and comfortable restaurant with a full bar and cozy atmosphere.

Outdoor seating
No pics for me today mommy!

Chef Armando Litiatco

Shokudo By World Resources Café

4740 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

(305) 758-7782

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