Hollywood Beach, Florida – Images from the Broadwalk

We left Miami to go looking for a restaurant in Hollywood that happened to be on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. I must confess that I was not expecting it to be so pretty. It was also a beautiful day, the sunshine enhancing the intense colors of the ocean and sky.

The beach was packed with sunbathers, and people on the broadwalk were jogging, walking, strolling, riding their bicycles and rollerblading.

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is an oceanfront promenade that is almost two and a half miles along the Atlantic Ocean. It has over 50 restaurants and 30 shops, so there is plenty to eat and do. There is even a stage where you can listen to free live music.

Hollywood Beach is lovely, but I did notice something worth mentioning – there were very few brown and black people around, which I thought was strange on a beach.

It took over an hour to get there from where I live, so there is some driving involved. It was worth the drive though – picture perfect, entertaining, and uniquely Floridian.

Check out the link below for more information


With Miss N.
Local character
Taking a pic of her dessert
Family fun


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