Caribbean Green Seasoning

This seasoning is essential in my kitchen. I add it to almost everything, from chicken to fish, to vegetables and tofu. It makes foods bright with flavor, injecting that ineffable Caribbean touch that enhances an ordinary dish and catapults it to the next level.

The first person I got this recipe from was Lera Fortune. She is from Grenada, so there are some ingredients she adds that I cannot find here in Miami. Every Caribbean cook has a different way of preparing green seasoning according to their taste and which island they come from. Mine is rather garlic-centric, with a bunch of cilantro and green onions to make it green, and a pesto-like consistency and texture. I use a food processor, but you can also use a blender.

I have included a video from Chris De La Rosa to give you an idea of the spirit of this seasoning, which I assure you, will make your food smile.



One bundle of Cilantro (about 1-2 cups)

A lot of garlic  (I use a whole bottle of the pre-peeled ones)

A bunch of green onions (scallions)

One bunch of fresh thyme (about 3/4 cup), leaves only

Some ginger

2 to 5 peppers (pimento, habanero, or whatever you like)

Juice of one or 2 oranges (you can use limes, lemon or vinegar to taste instead)

Olive oil



Peel, trim and wash the ingredients and let drain. Dry them with a paper towel. Cut them into small pieces so that it is easier to process. Put the ingredients in the processor and add orange juice and oil. Pulse until you get the consistency you like. Put in a glass container and refrigerate, I usually use mine within three weeks.

Editorial credit: Styve Reineck :


Caribbean Green Seasoning by Chris De La Rosa

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