Pubbelly Sushi Dadeland in Miami

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a weakness for Asian cuisine. When I realized that there was a Pubbelly Sushi close to us, I asked my little chicken to invite a friend so we could check the place out.

The restaurant was beautiful with cool lamps hanging from high ceilings and colorful adornments all over – it had an industrial, post-modern vibe to it. The bathroom walls were unusually decorated with vibrant anime characters, which was charming.

We had to order the Pork Belly as that is one of the little one’s favorite dishes. This one was flavored with orange peel and tobanjan. It was pretty decadent and super soft – a joy to eat as it was served with an ice-cream stick. The fat to meat ratio was almost perfect.

Pork Belly

The Grilled Octopus with spicy lemongrass and crispy garlic was also a hit. It was a touch salty and tender, the tangy sauce adding an unexpected dash of flavor.

Grilled Octopus

My favorite is almost always the meat and this time the incredible Filet Mignon was the winner. It was served with a yuzu truffle sauce and charred spring onions. These dark medium-rare morsels of beef were simply top-notch, and the charred spring onions were the perfect accompaniment.

Filet Mignon

This was the first time that we ordered a Poke Bowl. All pokes are served with brown rice, bean sprouts, goma wakame, kale, red onions, Japanese pickles, sesame seeds, soybeans. Choice of Dressing: PB Poke, White Ginger, Cilantro Lime. Selection of Fish. We had the salmon with the white ginger dressing. The presentation was superb, and after eating it, you could not help feeling that you had done something good for your body – everything was so crispy, healthy and fresh.

Salmon Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl and Grilled Octopus

Dessert was Sata Andagi – tempura chocolate ganache, hazelnut anglaise, sesame, cocoa. These beautiful balls were served with sesame ice cream and were creamy and silky inside –  this was a sumptuous plate of gorgeousness.

Sata Andagi

The service at Pubbelly Sushi was excellent – they even brought a lucky cat to the table outside where we were sitting. Pubbelly Sushi is certainly worth another visit. I can’t wait to try their version of Takoyaki which was not available when we dined there.

Anime in the bathroom


Pubbelly Sushi Dadeland

8970 SW 72nd Pl,

Kendall, FL 33156

(786) 369-5472

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