Thai Food Festival 2018 at Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Miami

This was my first time visiting a Buddhist Temple in my life; I didn’t find out that there was one so close to me until last year. Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Miami was celebrating its 36th anniversary with a Thai Food Festival, so it was the perfect time to visit. There was live music, fresh produce, and plenty of Thai food and desserts. It was hot though so coming early is a must.

I was supposed to meet up with Miss E. (WokStar) but we missed each other. Click here to see Eleanor Hoh’s perspective of the festival.

I was fascinated with the process of making Khanom Krok
Great team work making Khanom Krok
I was not sure if this was a jackfruit or a durian – I think is was a jackfruit.
Plenty of galangal – a ginger-like spice used in South East Asia
My little chicken likes blue drinks – this time it was a blueberry icee
Making takoyaki – the sign said takoyaki but I did not see any octopus in this!
Endless packages of food
He can grill my chicken anytime 😃
More grilling action
A perfect spot to chill
Some kind of candy that looked like vegetables
Many different flavors of bubble tea
Fish on a stick and sausage
The herb stall
Taking care of the money tree
Putting together the baskets for the monks
The monks lining up for their baskets


Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

15200 SW 240th St, Homestead, FL 33032



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