Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar In Kendall, Miami

Peruvian food is one of my favorites, so the little chicken and I headed to Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar. I wanted to try different types of ceviches, and she was just hungry.

Diagnóstico Reservado Ceviche – Red Pepper, Ginger. This was the best ceviche I have had in years. It dropped a flavor bomb on my tongue. Everything was perfect about it – the seafood was tender and delicious, the whole dish was a nice mix of soft and crunchy textures swimming in a refreshing and heavenly sauce. This Leche de Tigre (the sauce) was so divine that I brought some home and drank it like water. I ordered the ceviche mixto which means that it had fish, octopus, shrimp, and calamari. There was no seafood funk in this ceviche, and the sauce absorbed all the luscious flavors of the ocean, a beautiful dish that amplified my love for ceviche.

Diagnóstico Reservado Ceviche

Doctor Miyagi Ceviche was another gem –  Sesame oil, Nikkei sauce, crispy sweet potato mixed perfectly to create magic in the mouth. I am a big fan of sesame oil, and you could really taste it here. Each spoon of this ceviche was terrific.

Doctor Miyagi Ceviche

When the little on saw Pork Belly on the menu her eyes lit up – Slow roasted pork belly, oriental sauce, pepián. There was one big, fat piece of pork belly nestled on what looked like polenta (pepián) and drenched in a rather red sauce. The pepián was creamy, delicate and luxurious. The pork belly had the perfect texture – crazy-good, delish. It was well-presented too – pretty and colorful.

Pork Belly
The Pork Belly was too good

I almost forgot to talk about El Loco Calato Ceviche because it was not that amazing. There was nothing much to shout about this dish. It was not as pretty and tasty as the other ceviches we tried. It consisted of two balls of Fried Ceviche which had a strong kick of lime in them and were covered in lettuce and red and green onions. The strong taste of lime was a bit too overwhelming for me – there was nothing subtle about this citrus explosion that slapped me on the face with each bite.

El Loco Calato Ceviche

Lomo Saltado is a typical Peruvian dish that we always enjoy – Onions, tomatoes, certified Angus beef mixed with French Fries. This time the little one ordered the fries on the side. This version was good but not spectacular or exceptional. The meat was a bit too chewy, so we were a little disappointed. In spite of that, the leftovers we took home got devoured for dinner.

Lomo Saltado

The little one was not happy when I ordered the Crema Volteada for dessert, she wanted chocolate. When it came to the table, I asked her if she wanted to share and she took a long, hard look at the plate and launched her spoon into the whipped cream. Once she tasted this Peruvian Flan, it became a competition on who could get the most flan on the spoon faster and swallow it swiftly. What a rich and lush concoction!

Crema Volteada

Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar is a pretty little restaurant located in a nondescript strip mall. The service was cordial, efficient and fast. The food – a gift for your taste buds.

Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar

13766 SW 84th St

Miami, FL 33183

(305) 382-9204


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