Mr. & Mrs. Bun Peruvian Sandwich Restaurant in Miami

Mr. & Mrs. Bun had been on my bucket list for a while – sandwiches made with Peruvian inspired fillings had to be a winner, right? We decided to go on a culinary exploration and find out.

Pancetta (Pork Belly) En Caja China

Juicy and crunchy pork belly cooked in Caja China with fried sweet potatoes chips and cevichada mayo served on a homemade bun. This was a beautiful tower of ingredients that complemented each other flawlessly – a hearty sandwich filled with a lavish load of tender slices of pork belly, and a crazy amount of flavor and textures.

Pancetta (Pork Belly) En Caja China

Fried Dumplings with Short Rib and Cream Cheese

Short rib and cream cheese dumplings drizzled with a homemade tangy passion fruit sauce. The tiny piece of cream cheese inside each morsel was the x-factor that made these crunchy dumplings stand out. This luxurious little package of shredded stewed ribs won my heart at first bite. I was not too fond of the passion fruit sauce though – it was a little bit too sweet for my savory and salty personality.

Fried Dumplings with Short Rib and Cream Cheese

Aji de Gallina Bites

Shredded chicken with creamy yellow pepper and cheese sauce mixed with white rice fried tempura-style and served with huancaína sauce on the side. After having a taste of this super-creamy delight, I was enchanted. The flavors were properly married, and even though the overall flavoring was mild and not bold, the effect on the palate was of familiarity and comfort – chicken balls from heaven that were heavily dunked in the huancaína sauce was the perfect solution for a weary soul.

Aji de Gallina Bites

Miss T. ordered the Chicken Tenders and Fries – She is almost 16, and that is still her favorite dish. Reminds me of my little chicken.

Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Pop pork “Chicharrones.”

Pork skin fry and sautéed in truffle oil, smoked paprika, and lemon juice. The texture was interesting – it started out crunchy, and after a few bites, it dissolved slowly and ended up soft, slightly sticking to the teeth. Texture matters just as much as flavor and these chicharrones get a medal for that. The smoked paprika did make me sneeze a little though.

Pop pork “Chicharrones.”

Desserts in a Jar

Never seen this type of presentation before. Mrs. Bun brought all these little jars to the table for us to chose. We had the Nutella Cheesecake and the Cookie Dough Cheesecake. I believe that in Perú they are called “copitas,” not sure. They looked so cute, but I did not try them as I could smell the sugar from where I was sitting. They were indeed very sweet, according to the little chicken and Miss T.

Desserts in a Jar

Mr. & Mrs. Bun is a splendid place for family dining – the service is excellent, the décor is charming, and the food is mouth-watering and unique. A local favorite that is worth more than one visit.

Cookie Dough and Nutella Cheesecake

Mr. & Mrs. Bun

15572 Sunset Dr.

Miami, FL 33193

(786) 717-6244

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