‘Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat’ by Samin Nosrat

I have been passionate about books for a long time, especially cookbooks. Lately, most of the books I read are e-books, though. Why? Because my neck hurts when I read a real one – older people problems.

There is nothing in the world better than reading, feeling, smelling, and touching a book made out of paper, so I still read the special ones in an old-fashioned way even if the neck threatens to betray me. One such particular book is ‘Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat’ by Samin Nosrat. This is one that I plan to read from cover-to-cover because I am fascinated with her food philosophy after watching her series on Netflix. The book is about basic food science and a guide that will enhance your cooking abilities.

I have already started to read ‘Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat’ and it is tough to put down. The storytelling is engaging, the illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton are informative and beautiful, and the cooking advice – invaluable.

grilled cheese



*Cover photo by Aimee Brodeur*

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