Redland Market Village in Homestead, Florida

Miss G., the little chicken and I went to the market to get some veggies and eat some Salvadorean food. Redland Market Village is about 20 minutes from where we live if I take the back roads. After living in Miami for over 30 years, it is a shame that it took me such a long time to visit this place. It’s not only a farmer’s market – but it’s also a flea market, has food courts and restaurants, plant nurseries and even a Kid’s Zone for the little ones to enjoy and play.

As usual, I was more interested in the food section and mainly wanted to try a Salvadorean treat called pupusa. A pupusa is a stuffed corneal flatbread, and the one I tried had cheese, beans, and chicharrón. I must say that I was expecting something tastier, less greasy and better looking. The little one stayed on the safe side and had chicken fingers and fries. Miss G. had beef tacos and was barely smiling. Maybe we just chose the wrong restaurant, so pupusas are still on my bucket list to try someplace else.

The fresh market, on the other hand, was fabulous. What a plethora of fruits, vegetables, and unique foodstuff. Everything was so bright and crispy and colorful. I absolutely have to come back here without the camera so I can dig into the mountains of fresh produce with my bare hands without worrying about getting the lens dirty. I so wanted to drink some coconut water but did not want to risk spilling anything on the camera. They even have a small indoor fish market that sells fresh fish and other seafood.

Redland Market Village sits on over 27 acres of land and is an excellent place for a family outing or a cheap date. So what are you waiting for? Rush over there now.

Little chicken
Miss G. taking pics

Pupuseria “La Palma”
Chicken Fingers, Beef Tacos and Pupusa

Indoor Fish Market

Redland Market Village

24420 S Dixie Hwy.

Miami, FL 33032

(305) 257-4335


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