A Summer Lunch At The Brick American Kitchen & Bar

The Brick American Kitchen and Bar had been on my bucket list for a while, so when I saw that they had a special summer lunch menu, focused on warm and bright flavors, the chicken and I took a little drive to Downtown Dadeland.

I was not sure if this was the right time to go as the little one has a boyfriend now. She had a date on this particular day and was distracted, in a hurry, and not paying much attention to the food. “Good for me,” I thought to myself – more leftovers for dinner.

Texting the boyfriend

We started with the Roasted Summer Corn Elotes – To be honest, I do not know what exactly was decorating this juicy piece of corn, all I can say was that the pairing of ingredients was marvelous. The little chicken did not touch this at the restaurant, and I just took a few bites as corn tends to stick in between my teeth, and I did not want to shame myself in public. Once home, I devoured this with such enthusiasm that I almost choked on it. It was insanely delicious.

Roasted Summer Corn Elotes

The Roasted Cauliflower Mac + Cheese was made with Israeli couscous, cauliflower, smoked gouda, and panko. This dish packed a whole heap of intense flavors and was comforting, soothing, soft, and flavorful. It was definitely not for health nuts as it was very substantial. Even though only smoked gouda was on the list of ingredients, I swear I tasted some kind of blue cheese in there, but my taste buds can trick me sometimes. Have to try to make it at home.

Cauliflower Mac + Cheese

Home-made Linguine with Florida Clams came next. It consisted of chitarra pasta, white wine clam broth, cherry tomato. This was a beautiful combination of ingredients, each component fitting nicely in the overall spirit of the dish. No leftovers were left for later.

Linguine with Florida Clams

The little chicken had the Adena Ranch Hanger Steak, served with chimichurri and fries. She did enjoy the steak and chips, but as I mentioned earlier, was distracted. I carefully observed every bite she took of the meat while texting her beloved, secretly hoping that love would triumph over hunger as indeed it did. So much steak swimming in delightful chimichurri for me to eat for dinner!

Adena Ranch Hanger Steak, served with chimichurri and fries

The service at The Brick American Kitchen and Bar was superior and the interior atmosphere, dark and elegant. It is quite the place to enjoy original American fare with flair.


The Brick American Kitchen & Bar

Downtown Dadeland

8955 SW 72nd Pl

Kendall, FL 33156

(786) 814-5909


The Bar
Outdoor seating

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