Bolivar Restaurant & Lounge – Fusion of South American Flavors in Miami Beach


Inspired by the history of the Revolutionary Simon Bolivar, who desired to unite the Americas, Bolivar Restaurant mixes Spanish, African and native South American flavors to bring an exotic fusion of Colombian, Peruvian and Venezuelan cuisine. 

Live music at Bolivar
Live music at Bolivar

When entering this restaurant, the smell and the ambiance took me straight back to the place where I grew up and to other places I visited later.

Patacones de Pollo  are deep fried green plantains topped with shredded chicken and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. This mélange of ingredients was fantastic. I say fantastic because the big flavors did not include the typical grease and goo that can be tasted in other places.  The plantain was crisp and perfectly cooked, the chicken topping mellow yet tasty and the addition of parmesan cheese, unconventional and brilliant.

The Empanadas Colombianas were crunchy Colombian patties stuffed with shredded beef and potatoes were comforting and cooked exactly right. An order comes with three empanadas, enough to satisfy and share.

Patacones de Pollo & Empanadas Colombianas
Patacones de Pollo & Empanadas Colombianas

Ceviche Bolivar was a unique ceviche ( typically made from fresh raw seafood marinated in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chili peppers) was soaked in lime and lulo juice. Lulo is a sub-tropical fruit that has a strong citrus flavor, sometimes described as a combination of rhubarb and lime. This dish took the taste buds on a rich flavor roller coaster, with unexpected twist and turns that were lush and glorious on the palate. The Yuca Fries (similar in taste and texture to a potato) were a savory and warm addition to this little masterpiece.

ceviche bolivar
Ceviche Bolivar

Our main dish was actually a soup, Chupe de Camarones – a milky, creamy, silky bowl of magic. Chupe is a Peruvian hearty seafood chowder. This one was made with shrimps, white cheese, potatoes, rice, peas and egg. I must say that I had a “gastronomic moment” when this warm and fragrant soup jump-started the stomach. This thick and large Chupe was the very heart of deliciousness.

chupe de camarones
Chupe de Camarones

Bolivar Restaurant is also kid-friendly and offers a menu dedicated to the little ones. My daughter did not veer from her favorite dish and ordered the Chicken Tenders with fries (Pollitos) and was really happy. They also have a full service bar and live entertainment.

girl eating chicken fingers
Eating Pollitos from the Kids Menu

Simple is not easy but Bolivar manages to capture the spirit of South American fare and still keep this multicultural stew of flavors intact, original and fresh. Bolivar Miami Beach Restaurant on South Beach embodies food that is the essence of passionate, rustic-chic cooking that is an authentic mosaic of flavors that delight and inspire.


Bolivar Restaurant & Lounge

661 Washington Ave.

Miami, Florida 33139



* Menus are subject to change. Please check the restaurant’s website for updates *

4 thoughts on “Bolivar Restaurant & Lounge – Fusion of South American Flavors in Miami Beach

  1. When went to South Beach in May…this was the first place I went to. They make the best “cachapas” sweet corn arepas…it brought me back to my days in Venezela. I took my family there and have gone back and inted to frequent this place. I am a new follower to your blog that was introduced to me by my good firend Joan of Foodalogue.


  2. I tried leaving a comment before. This is the first restaurant I went to when I first arrived in South Beach. Your blog was introduced to me by my good friend Joan of Foodalogue. I am now following your blog and when I make time I will read all your posts. Hope to meet you one day in the future. The “cachapas” brought be back to my childhood in Venezuela. Thanks for this post. Norma


  3. oh yum. And great photos! Those dishes look so satisfying and tasty etc. And the bar is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your finds 🙂


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