Women Need Chocolate

I have heard this many times, even my Mother says so. Chocolate seems to soothe so many cravings and the sense of comfort a bite of this confection brings can also lead to our unraveling.

Chocolate Popsicles

Many studies have been conducted affirming the benefits of munching chocolate for females. Among them are:

Decreases the risk of stroke.

It boosts heart health.

Fills you up because it is rich in fiber.

Protects your skin.

It can quiet coughs.

Puts you in a good mood.

Increases blood flow.

Improves vision.

Makes you smarter.

It is an aphrodisiac.

According to research, dark chocolate packs more of a health punch overall, but even the bittersweet varieties can be high in calories, fat and sugar. Moderation is the key as too much of anything, including delicious chocolate, can lead to extra pounds on the body.

Do I believe this in the magical powers of chocolate? Am I going to jump on the chocolate bandwagon? Of course: munching on a block of Carbury’s Fruit & Nut while writing. Only one block though, no more.

Chocolate is good for men too. Just don’t tell them. More for us.

cadbury chocolate

Chocolate! by Anna Verdina
Chocolate! by Anna Verdina

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