We got up late on a Saturday, close to noon. We were hungry and craving good food, fast. Our destination? Aromas del Perú.

happy eating

I am not writing much today, just simply showing you photos of a good, comforting lunch. Fish & Chips, Macaroni & Cheese and Cau Cau de Mariscos.

The traditional Peruvian Creole Cau Cau is a tripe stew served with rice. The version we had was a cau cau made with seafood, potatoes, a hint of Peruvian
ají amarillo and mint.


fish & chips Peruvian style

cau cau de mariscos

cau cau otra vez

cau cau with rice

Aromas del Perú
10201 Hammocks Blvd. Suite 140 FL 33196
(305) 408-2373

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