What Does Javier Bardem Eat?

I must admit that I like Mr. Bardem a little too much. There is something about his voice and his eyes that makes me happy.


I searched the Internet to see what my favorite actor likes to nosh on and found this.

Croquetas de Jamon Jamon: Bardem’s acting in the dark comedy “Jamon Jamon” makes this food a must on his top 5 list. This dish, featuring Spanish cuisine’s own best supporting actor Jamon Serrano, is featured at the Bardem family restaurant La Bardemcilla * in Madrid.

Huevos de Oro Estrellados: Named for another of Bardem’s films “Huevos de Oro” (yes, Golden Balls in English. This  dish features scrambled eggs and delicious cooked chorizo. Huevos de Oro Estrellados is also served at La Bardemcilla.*

Butifarra: This traditional white sausage from Catalonia honors the film “Biutiful”, set in the Catalonian city Barcelona. Will Butifarra have a cameo appearance in the movie?

Montelarreina Cheese: An award winner like Javier Bardem should eat an award winning cheese like 12 month cured sheep’s milk cheese, Montelarreina, winner of many awards including the gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2008.

Tortas de Aceite: This sweet treat must be included in honor of his even sweeter wife Penelope Cruz.

You know what I would like? For Javier Bardem to actually read this post and tell me what he really likes to eat. Drop me a line Javier? 

Source: http://alaplancha.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/tapas-de-pelicula-javier-bardems-top-5-favorite-foods/

Photo Credit: http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Javier Bardem_156985 

*La Bardemcilla was a restaurant formely owed by the Bardem family.

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