Meeting Her Boyfriend At Taste Buds of India

There comes a time in every mother’s life when you just have to accept that your little girl is growing up and is ready to fly with her own wings. Well, my chicken has a boyfriend and I decided to meet him in neutral territory – in an Indian restaurant.

As we opened the door to Taste Buds of India, two of my favorite aromas immediately entered my nostrils at the same time. The smell of curry and incense together brought on a feeling of warmth and comfort to my whole body. It was a gentle and soothing attack on all the senses.

resto 2

resto 3

resto 1

We got there before the boyfriend did. As my chicken saw his car approach from around the corner, she flashed a massive smile, jumped up and went to meet him outside. The feeling was so weird, my little girl acting all in love, like in the telenovelas or something. My little girl.

the look

gazing at the menu

It was not the first time that I had met him. This was the first instance where I saw him up-close and got to observe the dynamics between the two of them.

I must confess that it was sweet. Seeing her so genuinely happy did melt my heart towards him. At one glance, I could tell that their feelings for each other were mutual.

a moment

What to order? I took the menu in my hands and took charge. Everything came to the table at the same time.


Garlic Naan topped with cilantro and garlic.

Taste Buds Mixed  Grill – assorted chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, shrimp, lamb chop, and shish kebab, served on a sizzler with mint sauce.

Mixed Grilled sizzling !
Mixed Grilled sizzling !

Chicken Korma – tender pieces of boneless chicken with cashew nut and cream sauce.

chicken korma & basmati rice
The Chicken Korma was sooooo good!

feast 2

feast 3

Tandoori Fish – fish marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger and spices, cooked in a tandoor.

tandoori fish
Tandoori Fish
The awesome sauces
The awesome sauces

the table

Chicken Nuggets Platter served with French fries. Not pictured. It was good but not very pretty.

Everything was delicious, including the omnipresent chicken nuggets the little one always orders, no matter where we go. The boyfriend fell in love with the flavors; it was the first time he had tried Indian food.

Now he is in love with my daughter and with Chicken Tikka Masala.

the bf

the bar

a bit of everything

resto 4

Taste Buds Of India

5850 Sunset Drive,

South Miami, FL 33143

(786) 216-7904


2 thoughts on “Meeting Her Boyfriend At Taste Buds of India

  1. I LOVE your new website and the layout. I’m checking out your site and suddenly see myself, ha, ha. Thank you so much for including me and in your blogroll, very honored. If you’re in your site next time, maybe you can use link to my blog for your blogroll instead of my home page?

    Very nice post and as usual amazing photography, sorry I missed meeting the boyfriend and Indian food. How do you feel about him being white? They are so in love, you captured it. I can’t believe she’s dating. Are they from the same school or what does he do? We’ll catch up tomorrow. I hope weather will be good to us.


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  2. Hi E,

    I am so happy that you like the new layout. I always look up to you and your opinion . Your advice is always treasured. I am the one who is honored 🙂

    You are getting so famous, with New Times, Miami Herald and Thrillist featuring you. Remember me when you are a billionaire.

    The boyfriend is good so far. As long as he is good to my Princess, all is okay in my world.

    See you tomorrow. Hoping for no rain too.


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