Fresh Boiled Peanuts

Another Sunday drive, another opportunity to spend quality time with family while feeling vegetables, tasting unusual fruits and people watching at Robert is Here.

This time my attention focused on one of the signs outside that said “Fresh Boiled Peanuts”. My father asked, what are those, people boil peanuts? I said that it was a specialty of the Southern United States and that I had never eaten them before.

fresh boiled peanuts

Peanuts are not on the top of my nut list (unless it is in a satay or chicken-peanut stew) so I was not keen to try it. It did awaken my curiosity though so I looked it up on YouTube.

Making proper boiled peanuts takes a lot of time so I do not think that I would be trying this at home anytime soon. I am intrigued though, so the next time I come to Robert is Here, I will give them a taste for sure. Take a look at the video below to see how it is made.

Bryan & Yazzy
Bryan & Yazzy
Daddy looking for mangoes
Daddy looking for mangoes

mr. watermelon man

mr. watermelon
Mr. Watermelon

apple bananas










bycicle jersey

coco frio

Boiled Peanuts – A little bit of South in Your Mouth

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