We Love Brussels Sprouts

These little green bundles that resemble baby cabbages have a contentious reputation – some love them, others cannot stand them. It seems that the secret to enjoying these little nuggets of goodness is in the preparation.

They are full of nutrients and vitamins and are thought to be native to Belgium, specifically to an area near its capital, Brussels, after which they are called.

brussel sprouts by Gorbenko Olena 2

Good quality Brussels sprouts are firm, dense, and are brightly vivid green in color. They should have no yellowed or floppy leaves and must not be soft.

I was not fond of Brussels Sprouts until Mommy started roasting them. The flavor was so good that I decided to experiment further.

I sliced it thinly to make stir fries and salads, I sautéed them gently in coconut ghee and even ventured into new territory by making then with a Caribbean twist with salted fish and also preparing them in a wok with Ginger & Honey.

 The simplest and quickest way to cook them for my lazy ass is to shove them in the oven and roast them. So easy and always beautifully caramelized; perfect good green food that is wonderful for your bloodstream.

Makes you want to sing with joy.

Here is the Caribbean version made with salted fish.

Photo by Wikipedia
Photo by Wikipedia


*Cover photo by Gorbenko Olena*

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