Turkey Wing Soup, A Family Tradition


We have a family tradition that we have been practicing for the last ten years – on the day after Thanksgiving; I buy the Christmas tree and while the chickens decorate I make turkey soup using the leftovers from the day before.


Over the years, I have tweaked the soup a little, using fresh turkey wings instead and leaving the leftover for sandwiches. I chuck all the ingredients in a pressure cooker but you can also use a regular pot, it just takes longer to cook. I really do not measure, so use the ingredients and methods below as a guide. Whatever you do, it will be delicious if you make it with love.

Serves four people with normal appetites.

4 turkey wings, each one cut in 2 pieces

1 yellow onion, thinly sliced

4 green onions, in long, thin slices

9 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped

1 piece of ginger, about the length of your thumb, thinly sliced

4 or 5 potatoes cut in chunks

3 carrots, cut in slices

1 bouquet garni made with thyme, rosemary and sage tied with a string

1 package of frozen cooked mashed squash

1 box of chicken stock

2 sprigs of chopped cilantro for garnish

Salt and pepper to taste


Some of the ingredients for the soup. You can use any brands.
Some of the ingredients for the soup. You can use any brands.

Prepare the turkey wings by cutting them in half, either with a pair or scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure that you cut off the excess skin and fat. You should have 8 pieces of turkey.

Put everything in the pot at the same time. After you add the stock, add enough water to cover all the ingredients completely. You can add a tiny bit of curry to the soup if you are feeling crazy.

If using a pressure cooker, time it for 10 minutes. If using a regular pot, bring to a boil and then simmer for about 1 hour, until the turkey is soft.

Fish out the bouquet garni and serve in big bowls, garnished with the chopped cilantro. The Christmas tree should be decorated by then!




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