Farinelli 1937

The last time I went to Coconut Grove, I noticed a restaurant, Farinelli 1937, that I have never seen before. What caught my attention was the good-looking seating area outside – perfect for taking pictures. Plus, when was the last time I took a photo of a pizza? 

The terrace was indeed a dream –  simple elegant and spacious. It was a pretty day so the weather was nice and the light was beautiful.




We started with the Carpaccio Di Polpo – Octopus carpaccio served with thinly sliced potatoes and topped with tomatoes and Tuscan kale. This was delicious, especially the combination of the octopus and the potato, who would have thought? A simple and hearty combination. There was a sauce on it, similar to mayonnaise, but I am not sure what was in it.

Carpaccio Di Polpo
Carpaccio Di Polpo


Then we had pizza, a Salsiccia Pizza to be exact – Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, Berkshire sausage, and mushrooms. I asked them to sprinkle it with arugula to add some color for the picture, and it was a brilliant idea. The pizza was lovely, with a sensational crust. The little one was not too keen on the arugula, but I thought that it was the best part.


Salsiccia Pizza


To finish off this mini-feast, we had Bread Pudding with Ice Cream for dessert. Well, I had two bites, the little chicken had the rest and refused to share any further. What I did taste was divine – the pudding was warm and succulent, providing the perfect contrast for the ice cream and strawberries.

 Bread Pudding with Ice Cream
Bread Pudding with Ice Cream

Farinelli 1937 is a restaurant that I would re-visit and recommend. The service was friendly and fast, the ambiance was soothing and relaxing, and the food was great. Give it a try the next time you are in the Grove.

Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen






3197 Commodore Plaza

Coconut Grove, Miami 33133


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