A Peruvian Lunch

Tamal de Cerdo

Sometimes we just crave comfort foods but are too lazy to cook or drive too far to get it. Fortunately for us, there is a little Peruvian restaurant in our neighborhood that excels at fulfilling our longings for food that satisfies and makes us happy.

Having Lunch
Having Lunch

We stepped out of our house and in less than five minutes we arrived at Aromas Del Perú. We were ravenous, practically starving because of the lack of breakfast.

service with a smile

Tamal de Cerdo was the first thing we tried. Seasoned mashed Peruvian corn wrapped in banana leaves was stuffed with pork. It was served without the banana leaves and with a massive mound of red onions mixed with cilantro. It was definitely a dish that pleased our yearning for flavorsome food.

Tamal de Cerdo
Tamal de Cerdo

The Pulpo a la Parrilla – Whole small octopus on the grill

fried yucca and salad was another spectacular plate. The octopus was plentiful and cooked perfectly. Pretty to look at too.

Pulpo a la Parrilla
Pulpo a la Parrilla

My chickens ordered the Fish Nuggets. I swiped one and there were delicious, much nicer and more interesting than the usual chicken version.

Fish Nuggets
Fish Nuggets 
Taking a picture of the fish nuggets
Taking a picture of the fish nuggets

Especially dear to us was the Lomo Saltado – the perfect fusion of Peruvian and Cantonese flavors. A heavenly stir-fried beef sautéed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and soy sauce served with Peruvian yellow potato fries and white rice.



Our obsession with Lomo Saltado

So we ate all the dishes with great delight, thankful for this mini-banquet.

There was no room for dessert.


Aromas Del Perú

10201 Hammocks Blvd. Suite 140

Miami, Fl  33196

Phone: (305) 408-2373

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