Eleanor Hoh – One Of My Culinary Inspirations

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I like to visit restaurants just to try something new, something different from what I make at home. Sometimes I am awed and amazed by what I eat, other times I say to myself, “I can do better than this”, so much of it thanks to Eleanor Hoh AKA Wok Star, who has taught both my daughter and I to trust our instincts and make delicious food at home using a cast iron wok.

I met Eleanor about 5 years ago, through Flickr and got to meet her in person. I decided to take one of her classes and the teacher-student relationship quickly blossomed into a genuine friendship.

Eleanor does not believe in following recipes, she learnt that from her Mother, and is hell-bent on teaching this method of cooking to as many people as she can. She has a special formula that is fool proof and guarantees excellent results every time, regardless of the type of cuisine. It is very liberating, giving anyone a freedom in the kitchen that is refreshing and easy to learn.

Wok Star says that you can do anything in a cast iron wok. I agree with her, you can even bathe a baby in it (OK, not quite)

People cross your path for different reasons. Eleanor’s presence in my chicken’s and my life is an absolute a blessing.

To learn more about how to cook like a Wok Star, visit her website and be prepared to enhance your kitchen life!


medium wok

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