naughty masala

What can I say? I am no saint and when I came across this video, there was a strong desire to share it. A robust relationship between food and sex exists. It is something that cannot be denied.

caught copy
Photo by Cynthia Kristufek

 What does sex have in common with food? Stimulation makes the juices flow, just in different parts of the body. Consummation makes us happy and satisfied and involves all the senses. Is food better than frolicking with your loved one? Why choose? Both activities are divine.

“When I first started cooking, it was an easy way to get a girl to my house. Instead of taking them out to dinner, I could get them home. Food is an aphrodisiac, and then you pour a little wine onto that. Then you move on to the next level.” Giovanni Filipponi

This video is a little racy. Watch with caution. It is both educational and funny.

Video by kbcreativelab

Video Source:

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